Packs That Could Save Your Life

Lukas Robertson for Unsplash

Long over are the days were a backpack was just a simple bag with two padded straps. Blame our new-found attention to ergonomics or our restless search for adventure but backpacks have come a long way. Let’s take a look at some of the most thoughtfully designed packs that are meant to hold all of your gear, keep you dry and might even save your life.

The Cirque 45 Pack was designed by Black Diamond Equipment for technical ski mountaineering. With a cinch closure, and ice-tool pick pocket and a stowable helmet flap it’s ideal for serious missions and overnight trips. What sets this pack apart from other climbing and skiing pack is not only that’s its a perfect blend, but it is also compatible with Black Diamond’s AvaLung attachment, which could save your life if your were to find yourself in an avalanche.

This is Nike Commuter Running Pack has all of the features a runner could want; sternum strap, interior pockets, mesh side pockets and most importantly; reflective details for night-time visibility.

Mammut may be the first gear brand that has tackled the challenge of creating an avalanche airbag pack that is both lightweight and affordable. At 2000 grams and $490 the Mammut Ultralight Removable Airbag 3.0 may not exactly seems affordable, but compared to other airbag packs on the market it’s a steal. Did we mention it’s removable?

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