Japan Only Outdoor Collections

Japan travel is hot right now. High-speed trains, ancient architecture, mineral hot springs, a whole new flavor profile (umami, anyone?) and not to forget the best powder skiing in the world – it’s all tantalizing. With such a unique way of life, it is not shocking that several outdoor companies are creating Japan-only lines to cater to the people of this breathtaking island country.

The North Face Black Series

Humid summers, torrential rains, typhoons and bitter winters are all part of Japan’s yearly weather conditions. Hence, proper gear is crucial if you want to explore Japan’s outdoors.

Wedder Garden Jacket by Columbia

Japanese urbanites love leaving the city and surrounding themselves with nature. Comfort and convenience is a huge part of that experience. Thus, Multi-pocketed clothing pieces are considered a must for this lifestyle.

AK457 Guide Pack by Burton

Japanese outdoor gear has a refined and unique look (just like everything else Japanese) and is a result of mixing style that are technical, comfortable and heritage driven.

Quilted Crop Sleeve by Montbell

With extreme weather conditions versatility and layering is key. This is why a lot of Japanese can be seen wearing outdoor gear even when they’re in the city.

Linen Haori Jacket by SnowPeak

Japanese consumers are often seen as ones that buy deeply into a certain lifestyle. Those that are invested in and outdoor lifestyle are willing to invest in gear that is useful, stylish and versatile.

The Japanese outdoor gear style is getting attention from many US consumers which is why brands like SnowPeak have branched into the US market and why online platforms like Zenmarket are becoming more popular for US consumers to get their hands on Japan-only collections.

Alphadry Pullover by Nanamica

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