NASA Inspired Performance Gear

Photo by Linus Sandvide

-4550° F is no joke. NASA has to design gear that lets its astronauts stay alive in extreme conditions. Designers taking inspiration from those living in space makes perfect sense. The outdoor industry is constantly trying to push the envelope through gear innovation that allows for more (longer, faster, higher, etc.).

Photo via Nike

Nike’s new shoe the PG 3 is the result of a collaboration between Nike and NASA designers to create a space inspired shoe that honors basketball player Paul George who grew up in Palmdale, CA near a big NASA base. The shoe was designed to inspired those who wear it, hence the shoe’s heel rocks the quote Paul George wants to live by: “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon”.

Photo via Oros

Oros makes outdoor gear and apparel inspired by materials used in space. The created a material made from aerogel (the same stuff is used to insulate space shuttles) and were able to create apparel that is 200% thinner, 70% warmer and more versatile than other leading outdoor apparel.

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