Packable Gear Knows No Boundaries

Heimplanet Inflatable Tent

Whether we’re embarking on a road trip, a boat trip or a backpacking trip, the same challenge remains: How can we make it all work? Friends, food, camping gear, other gadgets and toys, it can be hard to fit it all in. The answer is usually to simplify, however impactful solutions take thought, research and testing. Investing in the design, research and technology of packable gear is immensely valuable, as consumers are willing to pay up for the convenience.

Backpacks, shoes, rain coats, skis and tents are some of many items that have been modified to weigh less, store compactly and still endure. Below are a few packable gear solutions that push the boundaries of innovation for the category and could change the way people adventure.

Tents take are important if you want to stay dry, warm and free of mosquito bites. Tents are also bulky, heavy and restricting in terms of size and material protection. Nemo Equipment was one of the first outdoor gear companies to not only innovative but completely reimagine the traditional tent structure, using air instead of aluminum poles to hold up the tent. The results was a tent that is reliable, packable and lightweight. Personal experience, research, testing, failing and trying again is what got Nemo to where the are today, one of the most innovative, high-quality gear producers known in the outdoor gear industry.

Packable gear is not limited to backcountry camping. We travel far to get to our dream outdoor destinations, but we are often faced with expensive fees for taking their gear, or are forced to rent or even purchase gear once we arrive. Packable is crucial for those that seek out destinations beyond their home-turf. Lightweight, high quality, suitcase friendly gear that is made for athletes could include bikes like the one from Swiss company Montague or skis, snowboards, skateboards, you name it, the opportunities are vast.

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