Swiss Firm Is Cleaning Up The Dirtiest Industry

bluesign tag via Burton

Unsurprisingly, sustainability leader Patagonia has been a strong supporter of the Swiss company bluesign®  technologies company since its inception in 2000. Since then the system has slowly gained traction and is now in partnership with many international leading outdoor brands including the German brand Jack Wolfskin, Norway’s Helly Hansen, the Northface, REI Co-op brand and many more. With an increasing focus on sustainable fashion, non-outdoor brands like Eileen Fisher and G-STAR RAW are also beginning to turn their attention towards bluesign® certification. Perhaps, finally, one of the dirties industries on this earth (ahem, fashion) has the opportunity of taking that leap to a more sustainable future.

bluesign® Founder Peter Waeber

So what exactly is bluesign® and how is it changing the fashion industry?

Most apparel companies disassociate themselves with their production process. They claim to have no knowledge about what goes on at the factories where their clothes are made. Human rights violations, material exposure to highly toxic chemicals and untraceable resource origins are all a norm in the fashion industry. Bluesign® is trying to change that by working with brands to create a monitored production process that ensures a sustainable product for their consumers. Bluesign® audits suppliers and manufactures before the production process even starts. This guarantees clean ingredients, safe working conditions and an honest final product that will cause no harm to the environment or the human wearing it. How revolutionary is that?

Image via bluesign®

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