America’s Ice Obsession Permeates The Outdoors

YETI Limited Edition Coral Coolers

While YETI focuses on the bigger goal of keeping ice from melting, other outdoor brands have started to fill in the gaps by focusing on providing solutions that cater to specific activities. A while back GearJunkie posted an article that aimed to help adventurous find the right cooler for their lifestyle through a series of YES/NO questions. I took a look at who’s new to the trend and who is continuing to innovate at supporting one of American’s greatest obsessions.

snow peak X Grizzly Hard Rock Cooler

snow peak teamed up with the US cooler manufacturer Grizzly to make a heavy-duty, roto-molded cooler that promises the best of Grizzly’s renowned performance and snow peak’s thoughtful Japanese design. The Hard Rock Cooler is certified bear resistant, features a drainage plug for convenient cleaning and claims to have environmentally friendly pressure injected insulation.

Hydro Flask Backpack Cooler

Hydro Flask is a newer player in the cooler game and entered the market with The Unbound Series™ which consists of lightweight and highly-portable soft cooler. One of the two sleek coolers is designed to be carried like a backpack, Hydro Flask claims it is the lightest backpack cooler of its kind and is serious enough for backcountry adventures. Additional specs include an extra thick insulated base, a waterproof shell and extra pockets for non-cooler items.

IceMule Pro Catch Cooler Bag

The IceMule Pro Catch is another soft cooler, however in comparison to the Hydro Flask Unbound it is anything but designed for the ‘everyday adventure’. This cooler is specifically designed for kayak fishing. The top of the bag folds and snaps like other dry-bags, allowing the cooler to fold small or extend fully while staying completely waterproof. A fillable air chamber helps keep the bag insulated and thus keeps the ice inside cold. The soft, packable design fits tights spaces well (such as a kayak) and allows the use to fill or empty the space while on the go. Straps help to keep the bag portable even when it’s fully expanded.

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