Algae Shoes, Swimrun Races & Roll-up Sneakers

The Primus Bio via Vivobarefoot

According to the website of British footwear brand Vivobarefoot, we have over 200,000 never endings in our feet that are meant to make us feel. The brand is committed to creating shoes that are less so that those wearing who wear them and feel more and hurt less.

Beyond caring passionately about its customer’s feet, Vivobarefoot is also helping lead the industry towards a more sustainable future. Inline with the brand’s promise to work towards a zero impact process, Vivobarefoot is producing products that experiment with innovative materials such as a vegan bio polymer made from corn, recycled PET and materials made from toxic algae overgrowths.

Swimrun Shoe via Vivobarefoot

I first came across Vivobarefoot while reading about swimrun races. Born in Stockholm, the official swimrun races started in 2006. Not only have these races caught on internationally, they have created a new demand in the outdoor gear and apparel market. Vivobarefoot is one of the brands that makes gear specifically for this type of water-land transition exercise.

Rollup shoes via Vivobarefoot

Vivobarefoot aims to produce simple shoes that let its wearers feel more, therefore the shoes are wide, flexible and have thin soles. These properties allow the shoes to roll up and fit conveniently into tight spaces, without compromising their shapes.

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